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Warrior Cats Wiki Graystripe. Although he may be one of the characters who first appeared when rusty was wandering around the forest for wild cats, he is the one who takes certain things less seriously. The official home of warrior cats by erin hunter.

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The death of graystripe graystripe padded into the warriors' den of thunderclan. Walk out of camp, and you will see leopardfur, stonefur, and mistyfoot in the bottom right corner. She is the first cat to realize that stormfur is the cat from the prophecy, and confronts.

The elder longtail had died from the falling tree.

After firepaw's apprentice ceremony, graypaw congratulates him on beating longtail and comments on his name. Graystripe is first seen as graypaw when he attacks the kittypet rusty. De sery is epübliceerd döär harpercollins.van de heyle sery bint meyr as 40 miljoon boken verkocht en de boken stünden ereageld in de best sellers lyste van new york times.de sery is eskreaven döär et psödonym erin hunter. Leopardfur goes into camp and demands the kits again, and bluestar wants to fight to keep them.